The answer to this is very simple….. hair extensions get dry from excessive heat, chemicals and lack of moisture….and especially over time but we have some tips to care for you hair

• Brush your hair before bed.

• Use a satin bonnet or silk head scarf.

• If you want to wash your hair, USE SULFATE FREE SHAMPOOS. Sulfate in shampoos strip the hair just as they would your natural hair, except your hair extension don’t have nutrients from the scalp to keep the hair moisturized.

• Wash your hair extension with warm water to prevent damage, START FROM THE TOP AND GO INTO A DOWNWARD MOTION NOT TO BUNCH THE HAIR, using the palms of your hands. You do not want the cuticles to rub together, this will result in tangling.

• USE SILKENING CONDITIONER, our go to is Just for Me Natural Hair Milk, it makes the hair silky soft.

• After conditioning rinse the hair with cool water, it lock in the moisture

• Try to avoid using heat (i.e. blow dryer) to dry your hair. Air drying is best, it usually takes 24 hours to dry, so you may want to plan accordingly. Blow drying or excessive heat creates frizziness, swelling and makes it dry out faster.

• Before the hair has dried completely, we recommend to use a mist of KeraCare Silken Liquid Sheen (Style 3).

• When hair is dry and ready to style, we recommend just a little KeraCare Oil Sheen with Humidity Block to seal in the moisture without weighing down the hair.

**Note: In order to maintain longevity in your extensions, you must take care of them like you would your natural hair.


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